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Alfa brakes are some of the best on the planet. Year after year, model after model, Alfa works hard to provide their cars with braking systems that are powerful, well balanced and easy to modulate. However, as Alfa drivers push their cars harder and harder on the track, it becomes obvious that, as outstanding as these brakes are (or were), they are quickly overtaxed. Modern wide wheels and, most importantly, modern tire tread compounds allow grip that the brake designers in 1967 never imagined possible. Taking full advantage of this grip with 1967 technology is impossible. Bigger and better brakes are needed to get the most out of modern tires. The trick was to find a suitable brake package that could easily upgrade these older cars with a minimum of change to the cars and at a reasonable cost.

Enter Outlaw Disc Brakes.

Outlaw Disc Brakes is a major American supplier of racing brake hardware—calipers, rotors, pads, and more. Outlaw brake products are used on race cars of every imaginable configuration on road race circuits, circle tracks, and drag strips around the world.

Outlaw’s four-piston billet aluminum calipers are designed to be extremely rigid to withstand the high torque braking forces developed when modern brake pad compounds take advantage of modern tire tread compounds. In addition, Outlaw calipers are designed to quickly dissipate the extreme heat this level of braking generates. These calipers are beautifully made, incredibly robust, very light-weight (only 1/3 the weight of the OEM ATEs), can be configured and mounted in a number of ways, and fit the Alfa chassis with a minimum of modification (to the calipers and the car). Last, but certainly not least, there are a vast array of pad compounds available for these calipers (a real limitation for the OEM pads).

Working with Outlaw, Performatek has developed an extremely effective and inexpensive brake upgrade package for 115 chassis Alfas.

w Performatek 61m top .jpg (21283 bytes)The calipers specified for the front are available with a choice of piston sizes that allow the brakes to be tailored to the way the car is to be used, and the amount of modifications made or planned to the rest of the car’s braking system. These give a range of piston areas from OEM ATE equivalent to two times the original area. They offer performance increases ranging from "much better than OEM" to "OMIGOD!!!" The harder and longer the brakes are abused, the bigger the difference over the OEM system.

The Outlaw 2800 gives one other significant benefit that tends to get overlooked by the overwhelming change in brake performance: The extreme light weight of these calipers saves almost seven pounds of ugly unsprung weight at each wheel. It sounds like a small difference on a car that weighs over 2,000 lbs, but it is a difference that can literally be felt at the steering wheel. Not only does the car stop better, but the handling is much more responsive.

W Performatek rear 016m top of page.jpg (27622 bytes)The caliper specified for the rear is a dual-piston billet aluminum caliper that gives a piston area 1.6 times that of OEM. This allows for significantly greater clamping force than OEM. The main benefit of using the 1000 is that it allows the use of larger front pistons while retaining the original front/rear brake bias, allowing even greater braking force.

Performatek makes all modifications needed for fitment and offers these upgrades as complete, bolt-up kits. No engineering or fabrication is required by the user—just minor material removal clearly explained in our instructions. Because no two cars are ever set up the same, and because of the range of choice involved in selecting the appropriate Outlaw calipers and pads, it is recommended that you review the system configuration notes, and call to discuss and select the appropriate hardware that will best meet your needs. Please note that these brakes are not DOT approved, and there are certain physical limitations (such as fitment issues with 14" wheels), so please contact us to discuss.

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